September 8, 2008

“Thank God for Michigan!”

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When the First Michigan Infantry was among the first to answer President Abraham Lincoln’s call for troops after the attack on Fort Sumter the President exclaimed “Thank God for Michigan!”

Getting a blog started is always the toughest part. I’ve decided to let this blog evolve rather than try and nail down exactly what I want it to be or become. Of course, the title itself provides some direction. My family has been in Michigan for about a year and in that short time we’ve fallen in love. When we tell people we want to stay here we get responses like “I’m sorry!”, snickers, out right laughter and the most frequently occurring: a tilted head and puzzled “Why?”

I’ll try to answer that as I go. I know part of it is what brought me to Michigan; I am in the final year of the Master in Public Policy degree program at the University of Michigan. I’ve heard ad naseum since our arrival about the tanking economy, political atmosphere and to some degree the culture. Michigan seems to be searching for its identity, trying to understand where it fits in the 21st century.

I don’t see it as a reason to flee the state. While the economy and politics are bottoming out the state’s sense of pride is not. It is Michigan pride that sparked the idea of staying in Michigan after graduation. I met and continue to encounter people who love Michigan for its beauty, its history, its uniqueness and who refuse to let economic woes and political machinations tear at these founding fabrics. Michigananians want an economy and government worthy of the name. Her history of innovation, hard work, and loyalty, demand it.


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